Monday, 15 September 2008


Although the reconstructions of Lake house are progressing slowly, the house already lives and serves its purpose, which is to be a haven and a retreat for us and all our family and friends - including the four-legged ones. And so this weekend five of us and five horses travelled over and stayed the night. As to the human visitors, it was great to see that they didn't mind the spartan conditions (loo only in a garden cazzy, water from pump, sleeping amongst the builders' tools and bags of lime etc...) They had a swim in the lake, so who needs a bath? And as usual, the wonderful ride each way - some 25kms over virgin ground - 'virgin' because we always try to find a different route which includes getting lost in the woods and such adventures.
Well, the builders are coming back this week again - but in a way I almost regret making the house more conventional :-) Well, it needs to be repaired, can't leave it to rot away! And so the future bathroom and other bits of civilisation that are part of reconstruction, seem to be inevitable.