Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ice or not ice? (lake house)

In response to Potok's question below, the skiers are not dragged over ice but over a snowy field. Great stuff, especially when done quite fast! There is a small and very friendly stable nearby with whom we have been able to develop a really lovely relationship so we can do fun stuff like that - would be interesting to know whether Health and safety people would like to see this, though, so I'd better not tell you who they are (anyway that would be advertising and we have vowed not to).
But here is positively the last ice and snow pic, just to show you how one can indeed walk on water. The lake in question is Olsina, actually a very old man made pond (15C) that used to belong to the Rozmberk aristocratic family (between them and various big monasteries they owned practically the whole of South Bohemia) and was - still is - used to farm carp. Each two years the pond gets drained so the carp-farmers can get at the fish more easily as the water recedes. It's fascinating to watch because it looks like the water is boiling with all the fish fighting for the diminishing amount of space in the rapidly draining water. Nowadays the fish is sold at Christmas time as carp is the traditional Christmas dish in Czecho.
My goodness, I seem to've veered very far from my original blog theme. Oh well.

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