Monday, 4 February 2008

second home adventure

My space on this blog will probably be taken up only by reports of the progress on an adventure I am embarking on right now - the reconstruction of a former forester's house near Cesky Krumlov that I fell in love with, and bought, last Summer.
The house sits in a quiet hamlet at the altitude of 800m, at a ridge with the most amazing views over Sumava mountains, even of the Alps on good clear days, of which there are many. It has a huge garden surrounded by woods, and really I couldn't have hoped for a more romantic, restful spot.

But now the reality is catching up with the romance, so the question is to see how my limited time and money might transform the fairly dilapidated place into the romantic retreat I am hoping to spend increasingly more time in, and, hopefully, move to permanently in my old age :-)

So far, I only had a drainage ditch dug around the whole perimeter, with insulation foil and gravel, but nothing else. However the house, and the barn, will both need complete renovation. At this point the project is being put together by an architect - to submit for a planning permission. The works should start sometime in April - so follow the progress with me if you are as curious as I am about the eventual outcome.

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Anonymous said...

what's the house built from and how old is it?