Thursday, 24 April 2008

Forest house reconstruction 1

For those who wish to follow the progress at the Forest house, the first lot of the builders have moved in
on Monday 21st, and the demolition of the gable ends is in full swing. Scary! The brickies are to start the rebuilding and reinforcing works, but there is no sign of the roofers, who neither turned up nor bothered to ring to say so.

The carpenter who was to have delivered all the new windows for the upper floor,
has told me that he is delayed by 'two to three weeks'.

A good start - watch this space; seems builders are the same the world over...


Anonymous said...

I see the great tradition of Czech carpenter no-shows continues. Maybe he's in England?

Anonymous said...

waaaa! hope he brings some czech money over!!

Francois said...

Why the huge whole in the wall?

Pushkin said...

As I said in the blog, the hole in the wall is the gable end being demolished because both gable ends were very badly built in the '30s which caused a lot of problems for the house. It's being re-built with lighter materials with better thermal insulation values.