Monday, 26 May 2008

storks for good luck

Exciting to the Krumlov population - a couple of storks have decided to build a nest on the chimney of the ex-brewery which is now the town's largest art gallery (The Egon Shiele Centre). The Czechs hold their storks in some reverence, and always consider themselves extremely lucky if their house/village/town is blessed by such an event. And of course they hope the storks will be returning to their nest for years, even generations.
South Bohemia is a haven for storks, there are lots and lots of these lovely birds coming back every season, but most of them are in the lower regions with ponds and marshes, around Budejovice or Trebon, for example.
But the higher-altitude, hillier, Krumlov also used to have its storks, so I am told by old locals,
in fact they used to live on the very chimney the new pair has chosen for its home now. But many years have passed in between, hence the excitement about the possible good omen.
(I shall try to take some better pics - I am just too excited to wait till I've managed that, so here is what I got so far)

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