Monday, 13 October 2008

Cesky Krumlov and Forest house

Coming back to the blog I noticed that there is so little about the town of Cesky Krumlov lately. So I looked in my camera and here are two pictures just to bring it back. Every time I get annoyed about the slow progress on the Forest house I take a walk through the town and it reminds me why I am here, and it makes it all worthwhile.Re the house, endless troubles (that's why I didn't update the blog for a while). The roofers came and started well - up to the point of getting all the timbers up and half of the tongue and groove planks. I was going back to the UK so I paid their half-way through money. But as soon as I turned my back they disappeared, leaving the house badly covered - just as it started to rain. It only rained for a week, but it was badly timed! So the shoddy cover was blown off, all the tongue and groove warped, water got in and soaked the ceilings below almost to the point of no return (well at least I hope it will mend). Now I am back and so when I recovered from the shock I had to get another company (twice as expensive but at least I hope more reputable). They started last Friday, ripping the tongue and grooves off, repairing some of the affected timbers, and giving a contract with a guarantee.
Cross fingers, the next time I am back - in 3 weeks time - I hope to see the roof complete with insulation. But I shall need to stop there and wait till the Spring before purchasing tiles, to get the budget straightened up.
But I planted a couple of trees, and enjoyed the Autumn nature around the house - have to remind myself that no matter what problems arise, this is going to be my Paradise.


F said...

I sincerely wish you all the best with the house. That reminds me one of the rason I didn't have the power to buy a house in CR. Too many troubles and it's more difficult to manage than at home.

potok said...

Of course it is true that not being around makes it harder to manage than buying at home, but then you can get rogue builders in the UK too.

We had a complete new roof fitted at our house in the Czech Republic without any problems. We went for a larger more expensive firm which offered a guarantee. You can get work done well and cheaper by the smaller Czech firms (some of the craftsmanship leaves British workmen standing) but you do then need to manage more.

The situation is surely not helped by there being a building boom in the country plus lots of Czech builders going to work in countries like the UK. Perhaps with this recession and the exchange rate the boot will soon be on the foot of the customer.

Thud said...

I have never considered visiting but now I think its a must...I'm still greatly enjoying progress on house.

Hannah said...

Hello Thud
Well I for one am sure we would all like to meet you :-)

And as to Pushkin's travails, he is bearing up pretty stoically, like a 'true Brit' and now that there's a new team on the job I am sure the house will be great when he's finished with it.