Saturday, 16 May 2009

Protest? What protest?

I seem to be surrounded by diggers, both at the lake house and now here in Krumlov too. But while the lake house digging should, I hope, result in something positive, here in Krumlov I feel simply depressed. What can I say? All our efforts to at least moderate the impact of the works on the natural urban landscape of this jewel of a town have been met with whitewash, sarcasm and utter lack of relevant information.I took a dawn walk along the river today - the weir under the castle is already prepared for remodelling (you can see the water being diverted from it to the sluices only) - but we have not been able to see ANY plans for the proposed metal 'turning barrier' that is supposed to replace it. The Town Hall is issuing various press releases where it proclaims itself as the saviour of the town but no actual scientific facts or any studies why this should be so have been published. Judging by the only thing I know for sure, which is that the island (see previous posts) is definitely going to be removed and replaced by a small concrete one - a fact that is being sold to the public (and to UNESCO?) as the Town Hall's generous sop to the protestors, I doubt that anything else they say can possibly be reliable. So now, as the result of all our protest efforts, we are to be responsible for an ugly bit of concrete; what irony.

I wrote to the Town Hall, suggesting that they might as well populate their concrete 'island' with plastic ducks and astroturf, as no living creature would want to make its home on it. I wouldn't be surprised if they take my suggestion seriously.

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