Tuesday, 30 November 2010

First snow at Krumlov

 It's always so joyful to watch the first snow gently cover the familiar outlines of the town. And after some gloomy November days, to welcome back the blue sky that inevitably comes with the snow.
 I especially love the way the snow outlines so sharply every textural detail, the branches, the rough bits of rocks, even adding white hats to all the town statues.

The difference between here and the snow in England that I remember is that as there is so little or no wind in this country, the snow stays on the trees, even on the thinnest of branches, making a beautiful black and white contrast against the blue of the sky. Lovely.

Now I shall get my walking skis out now and go for a walk in the forest - to celebrate this gift from the heavens :-)

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Karin said...

Thank you so much for the lovely snow pictures! Last year my husband and I visited Cesky Krumlov during January. The snow then was quite deep. Your pics are beautiful! And thank you for the recipes in your last post. We are visiting in USA this Christmas but these recipes will transport us back to the Czech Republic.