Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Embarrassment of riches

The apple tree at the Krumlov house has been shedding 2-3 big bagfuls of apples daily for the last 3 weeks and there's no end in sight. In fact it is as if the apple tree was one of those magic trees that no matter how much you take, they always grow exactly the same amount overnight! I am one of those people who can't stand waste so I can't just throw them away - so I've been baking strudles and pies and other apple delights, anything that is bruised goes to the horses, but no one wants my apples or apple pies any more because EVERYONE has their own embarrassment of apples so they are in the same position! And still they come....
Same with the beans - broad and runners. Back in April I innocently stuck a few beans in the ground, here in Krumlov and at the Lake house. Now I have kilos of beans every day. Help - what to do? The freezer was already full to bursting with the harvest of berries and currants, and of course, mushrooms from the forest. So, at a risk of sounding completely bonkers, I admit I bought another freezer. In go apples and beans. But what to do with all the mushrooms that I am still intent on picking (can't stop, too much of an obsession) ? Will I have to have a third freezer? Well, then you'd all have to come and visit in the Winter to help us eat all these goodies.
I suppose the most entertaining bit in all this is that the local Tesco is still stocking its shelves with apples (and beans and marrows and all that) from foreign lands - which sadly sit there unwanted, as most Czechs have their own plentiful harvests. What's more, the countryside is full of fruit trees growing along the paths and on the edges of the forests that are there for any passer-by to pick freely. How come? That's a subject for another blog sometime.

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Philip Wilkinson said...

Oh I wish I were there to eat some of your apples. I had a great uncle who lived well into his 90s (and this long ago, when far fewer people did so) and who attributed his longevity and general good health to a daily portion of apple pie for breakfast.