Wednesday, 14 April 2010

another small step forward

Another little bit of floor done at the Riverside house. I am particularly pleased, as this back corridor floor has been put back exactly as it was, having been discovered under 1970's tiles. We needed to lift everything so as to put heating and water pipes under and to clean and dry out the old old brick-tiles that were in a bad state because they couldn't breathe under the latter day concrete and adhesive. But it was great to discover that this corridor, leading to the back garden, had this stone walkway surrounded by bricks. The stones are some 8'' thick, but the bricks only 1 and half inch thick - obviously the traffic was expected to be harder in the middle, so it all makes sense. So we laid the floor into fine gravel and sand - no cement, just as it would have been done before, to allow for evaporation of moisture from underneath. I think our conservation-minded reader 'Thud' will be pleased when he comes to visit! :-)

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Thud said...

Sterling work indeed, you deserve a well earned drink for your efforts and one day I will visit as I have seen and learned so much through your posts.