Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New arrivals at Riverside house

For those who have been following the 'cat' strand, here is our little adopted bundle of fluff we found in the forest last Summer - now with three little fluffy things of her own.
They were born in the night of Easter Monday, so I gather they must be special :-) but I waited before flashing the camera at them until now when they are a week old. Lilly (the mum) has had them in the furtherest corner of the bottom of an old wardrobe and they are still there. So of course it's not easy to take a photo by sticking the camera into the depth of the wardrobe when one can't see the screen, but I think the resulting photo shows all three fairly clearly - the white one is always on top of the other two :-) that's the bossiest one. The most handsome is the one underneath; one that you can see the least of - fabulous markings. And she is looking after them brilliantly - clever girl. But my oh my - who am I going to find to take care of them all????
Still, that's a worry for later. Now we can love them and enjoy their presence :-)

Update 15.4.10
Justght thought to add three pictures by Anna. Sweet...

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