Saturday, 22 March 2008

A truly 'white' Saturday at the Lake House

(continuing from 'The Weather and the Ruin'
'Ice or not ice')
Went to visit our beloved ruin (still awaiting its much needed reconstruction) at the Olsina lake today. Well, while Krumlov is a bit grey on this Easter Saturday, what a surprise when the car climbed those 150 or so altitude-meters higher: everything was white and I had a job getting the car through the snow. Good job we've forgotten to change the Winter tyres for the Summer ones!
So where has the Spring gone? We've done the Spring rituals (see blog below), the flowering bulbs have all come out,
the forsythia is in full bloom!
But I only look at the bright side: it was simply beautiful there, and now we'll have a bonus time skiing!
What a lovely Easter we are having.

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