Monday, 3 March 2008

The weather and the Lake house ruin

Well, after all that Spring eulogy, I have to admit that we've had a rotten couple of days, with high winds and rain, apparently coming in from the Atlantic :-)
Without wishing to blame any British weather coming over, I was reminded of our holidays in Wales which we very much used to enjoy but never without wellies.

And so today we left Krumlov and went the 14 kilometers South to check on our Lake House - the semi-ruined 'holiday' home at Olsina lake, lovely (the pic is from late last Summer) but in dire need of a total reconstruction, for which it might need to wait a long time, since we can't, unfortunately, afford to do anything to it. But maybe we will, some time.
Well, it was a good thing we went there, as the fence - as dilapidated as the rest - was strewn all across the little road. In battering wind, we proceeded to gather up and chop its bits for burning, thanking the gods that the roof didn't come down.

But all praise to the local road-workers, as even first thing in the morning the little country roads were cleared of fallen trees that were already cut up by the roadside: quite a few trees fell due to the tremendous wind that kept us up most of the night.

Being there, though, even in the rain, is always great.
There were periods of bright sunshine, and driving back to Krumlov, almost magically, a bright rainbow stretched over the Klet mountain like a welcome banner. Rain or shine, we love it here. And the little ruin? Something to look forward to, a project which, I am sure, will be well worth taking on for the heartwarming beauty of the place, and for the peace that comes with being by a lake with no tourists anywhere.
One day, we will do it.

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thud said...

Its always a voyage of discovery visiting a second home/project...makes for an exciting life.